Non-exposure Waterproofing System (Type A)

Pentens Non-exposure Waterproofing System (Type A) is a kind of widely used waterproofing system. Can be used in roof, bathroom, retaining wall, water tank and mostly surface needed waterproofing layer in construction.

Swimming Pool Waterproofing System

Pools need to resist against water pressure, impact of water flow and corrosion of chemicals, like Chlorine, in long term. Pentens Swimming Pool Waterproofing System is a simple but useful system for pools.

Self-leveling Epoxy Flooring System

Pentens Self-leveling Epoxy Flooring System has feature of work ability and fast setting. Good compressive strength, good impact resistance, good abrasion resistance and also has leveling effect to surface.

Epoxy Coating System

Pentens Epoxy Coating System is a colorful and film which is flexible but hard. Pentens Epoxy Coating System has great bonding with concrete, cement and others common surface. After full curing, film will be glossy, non-permeating and easy to clean.

Anti-skid Epoxy Flooring System

Pentens Anti-skid Epoxy Flooring System is a high availability and colorful EPOXY system. Sealer can add some aggregate to improve compressive strength and impact esistance. Pentens Anti-skid Epoxy Flooring System also has anti-skid effect.

Spraying Polyurea System

Spraying Polyurea System is based on Pentens famous product SPU-1000, the system perfectly shows feature of SPU-1000: seamless, excellent chemical resistance, solvent free, fast-setting and more environment-friendly.