PENTENS T-305TH Cementitious Waterproofing Coating

PENTENS T-305TH is a cement based waterproofing coating incorporates 2 polymer components.


  • Pre-batched and ready for used
  • Highly workability
  • Good adhesion to sound substrates
  • Impermeable
  • Increased frost and salt resistance
  • Resist carbon dioxide penetration
  • Non-toxic
  • Slightly flexible


  • Potable water tanks
  • Terraces and balconies
  • RC gutters
  • Bathroom floors and walls
  • Basements
  • Retaining walls
  • Seawalls



Surface Preparation
All the surfaces, joint between slab and wall must be clean, free from grease, oil, laitance, and remove all the dirt and contaminants, which might affect adhesion.
Add PENTENS T-305TH-B (25 kg powder) gradually to the PENTENS T-305TH-A (10 kg resin) and mix thoroughly until it blends completely with cement compound. Use
mixture within 30 minutes.
Substrate should be primed with a 1:3 mixture of PENTENS T-007 and water. Brush on at the approximate rate of 0.3 kg/m².
Apply or plaster first and finish coat of PENTENS T-305TH to construction surface by using brush, roller of spray method. The time interval between plastering shall be 2~6 hours, and make sure that the first layer of plastering has been dried.
For optimum performance, PENTENS T-305TH should be allowed to cure for 24 hours before the finishing concrete, tiles etc.


Impervious gloves and barrier cream should be used when handling these products. 
Eye protection should be worn. In case of contact with eyes, wash thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical advice if symptoms persist.
If contact with skin occurs, it must be removed before curing takes place. 
Wash off with an industrial skin clearer followed by plenty of soap and water. Do not use solvent.
Ensure adequate ventilation when using these products.