• Spraying Polyurea System

    Spraying Polyurea System is based on Pentens famous product SPU-1000, the system perfectly shows feature of SPU-1000: seamless, excellent chemical resistance, solvent free, fast-setting and more environment-friendly than other common waterproofing material. Differing from other common material, Pentens SPU-1000 is material which is flexible and can be soaking in water long-term.


    • Pure Polyurea
    • Extremely Low VOCs – 100% Solid
    • Good Bonding strength
    • Chemical Resistance ability
    • Good Mechanical strength
    • Permanent
    • Fast-setting
    • Anti-root
    • Green Label Material (Taiwan)
    • NSF Drinking Water Test


    Application Scope

    • General waterproofing layer
    • Indoor and outdoor flooring
    • Car park
    • Portable water tank
    • Anti-corrosion coating of sewage treatment plant
    • Anti-corrosion coating of chemical storage tank
    • Anti-corrosion coating of bridge
    • Secondary containment
    • Swimming Pool​