PENTENS MPU-111 Manual-applied Pure Polyurea Coating

PENTENS MPU-111 is a solvent free, two component, high performance, cold-applied pure polyurea coating with longer pot life to allow manual applications. The seamless coating provides an elastic yet tear resistant surface for applications subjected to extreme wear and tear, strong impact and chemical exposure.


  • High elasticity
  • Crack bridging
  • Extremely high mechanical properties
  • Easy to apply
  • Chemical resistance
  • Hard wearing
  • Outstanding impact resistance
  • Excellent bond strengths
  • Fast Set


  • Waterproofing
  • Pipe/pipeline coating & lining
  • Flooring and Parking Decks
  • Bridge Coating
  • Truck Bed Liners
  • Marine
  • Line Striping
  • As a coating/sealing/repair kit for PENTENS



Surface Preparation
All the surfaces must be clean, free from grease, oil, laitance, and remove all the dirt and contaminants, which might affect adhesion.


PENTENS E-10 or PENTENS E-500 either one @0.2 kg/m²/coat. Recommend 2 coats.

Mixing ratio is 1:1 (pbw). Never mix more material than can be applied within the pot life of the product:10 minutes at 23°C.
Thoroughly mix both components (Part A and Part B) for 1 minute with an electrical or pneumatic power stirrer with approximately 300 rpm until a homogeneous mixture and color has been reached. After mixing, apply MPU-111 directly to the surface by pouring and leveling with a spatula, roller, brush or trowel.
Apply MPU-111 in minimum 2 coats in crisscross application to obtain optimum coverage. Maximum layer thickness is 2 mm per coat. Apply the second layer when the first layer is sufficiently strong to support the application of the next layer. Recoat times can be influenced by ambient or substrate temperatures. Minimum recoat time is 1 hour.

For optimum performance, PENTENS MPU-111 should be allowed to cure for 12 hours before the finishing concrete, tiles etc.


Impervious gloves and barrier cream should be used when handling these products.
Eye protection should be worn. In case of contact with eyes, wash thoroughly with plenty of water and seek medical advice if symptoms persist. If contact with skin occurs, it must be removed before curing takes place.
Wash off with an industrial skin clearer followed by plenty of soap and water. Do not use solvent.
Ensure adequate ventilation when using these products.